Art Cans

By leahcphotos

November 3, 2011

Category: b+w, nature


last month we went to visit my cousin in Michigan and this was taken at an artists … what would I call it….retreat? Haven? Yeah something like that. It’s a place where artists get to go and work for a few weeks at a time. Anyways it as super cool as they had all kinds of art strung up through out the woods.

I read about a new way to develop black and white photos today here: It’s super easy (it even says so in the title) so I tried it here and really liked how it did in fact make the black and white pop. I’ll keep this in my bag of tricks for sure. Done in photoshop.

I’m realizing I’m a few weeks behind in editing photos, and I have a lot more cool ones from the trip to Michigan and a few other things I’ve been working on. So stay tuned. You never know, I might update more than once every month.





3 Responses to “Art Cans”

  1. Nice one Leah. I’m looking at the star diffraction that comes through that one hole. Why that hole and not the others? Is the sun actually behind that one hole? Is it interaction with that hole and the edge of the can. In either case is it due to the leaves of the shutter (how many spikes?).

    Good stuff!

  2. Nice shot! Looks like someone’s been busy with their .22 target rifle.

    The star pattern is a diffraction/reflection product of the aperture ‘leaves’ generated when pointing at a point source of light or specular reflections (think sequins, for example). Some cameras have more leaves than others, some are more ’rounded’. These variations change the shape of the highlights and number of points on the star.

    • Bob-

      Yep, I know about the diffraction patter of the aperture leaves. I actually did a study on it and presented it at a ISPP (high school physics teachers) meeting a couple of years ago :).

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