New Equipment Tests

By leahcphotos

October 11, 2011

Category: kids


I just got the Gary Fong  collapsible diffuser and holy crap is my life changed for ever for the better. I realize that this picture is probably not that interesting to you (to me it is because OH MY GOD LOOK AT HOW CUTE THOSE BANGS ARE!!!), but this is just about right out of the camera.

Hardly any shadows and I would say the exposure is perfect. The color of everything is right on.

I took some new born photos on Saturday morning and I used it there for a couple of the family photos and a few of the baby and again, the coloring and lighting was just perfect. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to get a diffuser. Ok to even know it was something I wanted.

Anyways, I high recommend it. It’s a little on the big side (that’s what she said), but really nice output.


3 Responses to “New Equipment Tests”

  1. Lighting is GREAT!

  2. Thanks!!! I love that diffuser!

  3. Cute kid!!!!! and yes the lighting is very nice. Such a pro!

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