Two Friends And a Dog

By leahcphotos

October 10, 2011

Category: kids

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Wow am I behind in getting my photos processed and posted online. I took this at the end of September when we went to visit some friends at a forest preserve in the Chicago suburbs. This is Ethan who is about 9 weeks older than Lucy. There was a point in the day when Lucy was chasing him screaming, “HUG”. He looked at her like she was crazy and ran away :). I told her the boys will never like you if you don’t play it a little cooler. Like I know anything. I married my best friend in college who I acted like a fool around until I realized I liked him and then I was like, “Hey…what’s up Jason. Look at how cool I’m playing it.” So I suppose she should just continue to act her crazy self and someone will love her for who she is :).


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