Eli in the Fall

By leahcphotos

October 3, 2011

Category: kids

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Eli, his mom and I met the other week outside of the main building at Fermilab for some photos. Again Eli was a wonderful subject and I learned a lot. Of course when I say “I learned a lot” means that many of the things I had tried didn’t work out like I had wanted them too. But there were still quite a few good ones. Thanks again to Eli’s mom because the ability to meet Eli every other month or so has been such a fantastic opportunity for me to learn what works and what doesn’t. Plus. I mean. Look at that face. Who wouldn’t want to take pictures of him!


One Response to “Eli in the Fall”

  1. Nice angle… The high key/oversaturated look works for me. Does Eli’s Mom like the pic?

    I’d play with the cropping to get his head/eye out of the center- perhaps a bit off the top (get rid of the dark area on the top left) to match the left side. Image seems a little bottom-heavy otherwise.

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