A Thing in the Bricks

By leahcphotos

September 2, 2011

Category: alley, Chicago


I went for a walk the other day with a 50mm lens on my camera (I am noting this because I never take off my 17-55mm lens and I wanted to just force myself to try just one focal length) and just took some random pictures of the neighborhood. I have to do this more often, if for nothing else just to practice. Also to try and see the same streets that I walk on every day in a different way, or at least notice different little things. Like what the hell is this thing sticking out of the bricks in the alley?


2 Responses to “A Thing in the Bricks”

  1. Interesting pic Leah. I’d like to see this for myself to maybe figure out what the heck this is about.


  2. Nice use of DOF!

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