By leahcphotos

May 9, 2011

Category: Chicago, kids


Friends of mine let me take pictures of their little guy Micah this weekend. He’s got the greatest hair on the planet and was really calm and a good subject to take pictures of. I wanted to include this picture because it was the first one of my camera after I noticed something.

The pictures I was taking were all looking a little smokey, like fuzzy. I remembered reading something about UV filters causing some problems so I took it off and this is just about what came out of my camera. This bright and super sharp photo! I think I might have added a touch of contrast, but not much. I was able to fix (in Lightroom3) the soft ones that had the filter in place, but it was a bit more work. So anyone that thinks there photos are looking not as sharp as they should, try taking the filter off.

Stay tuned for more Micah pictures. It was a perfect day weather wise. Cloudy but still bright and so just really good natural lighting.


3 Responses to “Micah”

  1. Such a cutie! He totally wins for awesomest hair ever.

  2. Great pic and what a great subject!

  3. dawn-yeah i know! it’s really awesome.
    Thanks Dad!

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