23/365: New Development

By leahcphotos

October 11, 2010

Category: 365, b+w, kids

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This is my cousin Lisa’s baby, Ramona (so Lucy’s second cousin and I guess my first cousin once removed?) Anyways. I told Lisa to bring her over for a 2 month photoshoot and I’m pretty happy with the results (see them all at the smugmug gallery). It was a lot of fun taking pictures of another baby and wow, do I have a lot to learn. I love this photographer at Sandy Canvas. She does such a nice job with the baby portraits (as well as everything else), I really need to keep an eye on her page for inspiration and ideas. If you live in the Vancouver area I think that’s where she is located. Note, I don’t know this person…in fact I don’t even know how I found her…but she’s good and so yeah, go check her out.

I am using this picture for the photo of the day because I tried a new development technique. I usually use the gradient map in photoshop to get black and white pictures (it makes them have better contrast I think…although…goddamn it I have a lot to learn on black and white photography….they never look quite right)…ANYWAYS. You can select a color for the “gray” and so I chose a dark, but slightly yellow gray. That’s what I used here. I love the way it turned out and want to try some more photos using this.


One Response to “23/365: New Development”

  1. These are darling, Leah. I especially like numbers 6448 and 6432. Kids can be so hard to work with and manipulate and then on another day – it all falls in naturally. Looks like that was one of the great days!

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