12/365 – Lucy Goes Park

By leahcphotos

September 30, 2010

Category: 365, Lucy

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Well…over on smugmug, and on flickr I’m starting a 365 project and thought that I could at least put those photos here too (I promise to try and do this everyday!). I tried a 365 back in the winter and I wanted every picture to be perfect and awesome and developed. Well then I got to 40 pictures (and went back to work from maternity leave) so 365 died. This time around I’m giving myself freedom of camera. With my busy schedule I can’t always hit up photoshop, so I’m going with either a photo from my Canon 40D, Olympus EP-1 (Olympus Pen) or my iPhone (using several different apps to develop them which I will try and mention when that photo gets posted).

If you want to see them all so far go ahead and check them out on smugmug or at flickr.I’m 12 days in at this point.

For today:

12/355: Today we took Lucy to a park that is a bit farther away from our apartment. It turned out to be a great idea as she did many new things. She crawled out of one of the plastic tubes, down this ramp in this picture. She found some leaves to carry around as treasure. Then she crawled along this divider thing, fell off a few times but no tears. Then we were playing with her on the slide (over the past weekend she figured out how to go head first down a small slide). Before we left she would crawl to the top of the slide, and launch herself down it. Without any help from mom and dad. Well we put her at the top of the slide…anyways. She’s a daredevil. And I love it! I foresee a chipped tooth in her future!


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