Let the Spoiling Begin

By leahcphotos

January 3, 2010

Category: dads, grandparents, kids, Lucy


While I don’t like the foreground or the background of this photo I really like the subject matter inbetween. This photo also looked relatively terrible before I worked with it in photoshop and so I’m proud of what I was able to do with it. I have really been enjoying using the filter called Neat Image as it takes all my high iso photos (even ones that aren’t that high but photos are still noisy) and does a wonderful job of cleaning them up. Highly recommended purchase.


2 Responses to “Let the Spoiling Begin”

  1. The look on their faces is wonderful. I love how the light filters into their triangle.

    I am torn between Neat Image, Noise Ninja and the Nik package of plugins for Lightroom that includes Dfine (their noise reducer).

  2. yeah i looked at noise ninja too and just ended up liking neat image. it’s really easy to use just on the auto setting so I know I can even do more with it than I am doing but it seems like the auto setting does a really great job.

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