Two Points

By leahcphotos

March 19, 2009

Category: Switzerland, Zurich



4 Responses to “Two Points”

  1. Leah, these pics are awesome. At first I was like, where in Chicago is she? Then I realized these are still from Zurich.

    Hopefully, I can get some interesting photos when I’m in Peru. (I stink at photography, though.)

    • Thanks! ha! yeah…I took a ton of photos when I was in switzerland, I’m thinking another couple of weeks worth of photoblog worthy ones. You could check out the book Understanding Exposure, it’s a great one to learn about the exposure triangle.

  2. Leah, your b/w Zurich photos are the most dramatic. More b/w!!!

  3. You really have a knack for seeing contrasts. I spent at least a minute looking at this photo and I am sure I will stop by again later.

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