St. Maarten…Wish I Was There Again

Canon EOS 40D/EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM @ 10mm | 1/250 @ f/10 | ISO 100


4 Responses to “St. Maarten…Wish I Was There Again”

  1. I grew up in Trinidad and we used to have lots of long breaks from school. We would have races, sailing races, to the various islands. No one had a hot car, we all had hot boats. Anyway, St. Maarten was always a favourite, as was Barbados, Grenada and…well, any Caribbean island was fun! I can feel that familiar breeze and the hot sun when I look at this photo.

  2. Wow, Hey burstmode. Leah’s dad here, living in Grenada even as we not speak to each other!

    Yes the islands make for great pics and that crazy wide angle lens always makes for interesting ones. I remember the walk up the hill to the fort. . . pant, pant, pant.

  3. Thanks for sending us to your photo site. We enjoyed visiting with you and having the pulled pork sandwiches together.

    We can’t wait until the summer so we can head to Cape Cod, Massachusetts and

    hang out at our summer cottage and sail our 20′ sail boat. It’s a Balboa built in

    California back in 1973. You just can’t kill those fibreglass hulls. The long shaft

    6HP mercury outboard is good on gas and needed to navigate in and out of the

    Cape Cod canal at the marina next to the Coast Guard station located just down

    the street from us in Sandwich. We are also next to the oil fired power plant and

    see big plumes of smoke frequently. Hurry up with that FUSION power you brainy

    physicist guys and gals!! If you don’t, I’m afraid the sea levels will gobble up our

    Cod cottage and our Florida house to boot!!

    Keep in touch and keep clicking that camera!

    • Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by. It was so great meeting you and enjoyed your sailing story 🙂 Talk to you soon!

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